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There are opportunities that only happen once, and this is one of them.  You have a unique opportunity to be part of the Active Africa movement.  Unique projects for the reconstruction of Malawi and Kenya. Join us and be part of it all and maybe in  10 years time we can look back and see how we have been able to build a new town, and see how their people have improved their lives.

 Join the movement, join Active Africa

 Specific donations

 Do you believe in our project?  Do you understand the lack of resources in these countries?  Make a timely donation for a specific purpose

It contributes in a real way to make lasting change possible.

Becoming a member means taking a step forward by getting involved in the resolution of the problems that we have been able to engage with in our trips or our counterparts in the field have told us

One-off donation

You can make a bank transfer to us at:

ES97 2100 - 0674 - 78 - 0200202580

Or send us a Bizum  - Active Africa or 00303


Create a crowdfunding campaign in favor of our cause. 

For more information visit: 


Active Africa was born alongside the private sector, so our history cannot be understood without the constant collaboration between companies and our charity.


Help your company by helping us! We have been able to verify that companies with a high degree of social involvement achieve a higher level of satisfaction from their employees.  (RSC).

Contact us: 93 36 85 433 -

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