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Do you want to be part of Active Africa?

Become a Partner!

Contribute in a real way to make a lasting change possible.
Contribute continuously to the development of the projects we are carrying out. Free monthly contribution.


Click here to learn more.

One-Time Donation

You can make a bank transfer to:

ES97 - 2100 - 0674 - 7802 - 0020 - 2580


Or send us a Bizum - Active Africa to 00303

Create your solidarity challenge!

Create a crowdfunding campaign in favor of our cause. 


For more information visit:


Active Africa was born together with the private sector, so our history cannot be understood without the constant collaboration between companies and our charity.


Help your company by helping us! We have seen that companies with a high degree of social involvement achieve a higher level of employee satisfaction (CSR).

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