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 6.215.014€ has been allocated to projects in Malawi and  Kenya.

More than 3.000 scholarships

"Education is the key"

For 20 years, we have created a scholarship program that has benefited more than 3,000 high school, technical school and university students.

82 classrooms in 23 schools

Nuestra prioridad es la enseñanza, por eso hemos construido 82 aulas en 23 escuelas, fundando 2 escuelas de secundaria en la zona de Chezi.

Gracias a estas infraestructuras se puede garantizar el derecho a una educación digna y de calidad.

The African woman is the driving force of society.

Our priority is to accompany and empower her.

We develop training, literacy and training projects for women in different fields.

We are very proud of the Kapiri program in Malawi and those in the Samburo area in northern Kenya.

From which more than 3,000 women have benefited.

Training workshops for women in Malawi and Kenya

Construction of infrastructure in hospitals and dispensaries. 3 maternity hospitals: Likuni and Barsaloi

2 clinical laboratories in Malawi.

Purchase of generators and electrical installations, in Likuni Purchase of medicines for Chezi and Likuni

Support projects for HIV patients in Lilongwe.

Support for health projects

We have been involved in the construction of 58 wells in villages and schools, as well as water channeling projects in both Malawi and the Samburu region of Kenya. "Water is life"

Construction of 58 wells and water pipeline projects

In a population of 21 million inhabitants, more than 1 million children are orphans.

At Active Africa, we are committed to sponsoring the children of the Chezi orphanage.

We have also built and financed daycare centers in different places in Malawi and Tuum, northern Kenya.

Sponsorships and Nursery

We have supported the construction of 6 residences in several secondary schools.

More than 900 young people are benefiting each year, allowing them easier and safer access to education.

6 student residences for more than 900 teenagers

Training courses in regenerative agriculture 2,500 farmers

We have designed a project to offer training workshops in sustainable agriculture and permaculture, responsible for the environment.

More than 2,500 farmers in the rural area of ​​Chezi have benefited. ​

Children from the Samburu and Turkana tribes in northern Kenya have been excluded from the traditional education system. In response, we are funding kindergartens and night schools for pastoralist (Ichekuti) children, providing them with a vital opportunity for education and development.

Shepherd schools and nursery schools

6 kitchens and 11 million food rations

We have built 6 kitchens and distributed 11 million portions of food through the Mary's Meals Nutrition Program in schools in the Dowa area.

Shipment of 10 40-foot containers

Shipping of 10 40-foot containers We have sent 10 containers with basic materials. In addition, lately, thanks to the entity "Llamarada de Fuego", we regularly send essential materials.

Emergency and food security

In the face of food crises resulting from poor harvests, climate change and international conflicts, Active Africa has established emergency food and resilience programs to mitigate the effects of famine.

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