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In March 2020, we began to be aware of the importance of COVID-19


Suddenly, we are faced with a totally new world landscape. In a short time our habits of life, way of working and relating to each other have radically changed. It is very difficult to make projections because the data varies every day and we do not know very well what is the best step to follow.

The virus is affecting the countries of the world differently.

It seems that due to various factors, in Africa or at least in some areas, including Malawi, over the past year, the incidence was lower. This even allowed us to organize a project control trip in November. 

In early 2021, however, there was a strong rebound that affected a large Malawian population. The government closed schools again, imposed the mandatory use of masks and took many measures to reduce the contagion. They tell us that the incidence is currently down.

We are following the evolution daily. Seeing what measures to adopt were within our reach.


Until now, and following the most urgent requests, we have launched 3 projects,

Purchase of medical supplies Likuni Hospital, Malawi


This Hospital located on the outskirts of Lilongwe has treated several Covid patients. The toilets are in a situation of total lack of protection since they lack masks, gloves, etc.

All over the country, there are protests because nurses and doctors refuse to work under these conditions.

A donation has been made so that they can buy materials and care for the sick.


Population feeding Samburu area, Kenya


By declaring the closure of schools, the children of the villages have been left without food that they received in these schools. Our counterparts asked us for help to be able to feed those most in need in this situation.

We have joined with other Foundations and organizations and we have allocated part of our fund to support the project.



Project for the distribution and construction of a hand-sanitizing gel production plant in the Parish of Benga in Malawi


We support the Ready for Africa initiative, led by Haan, the Missionaries of San Pablo and Botanicae, which consists of the distribution and creation of a hand gel production plant. The objective of this action is not only to distribute this gel but also to provide work for a group of women in the area in a situation of special vulnerability.

The project will be divided into two parts, the first will buy and distribute gel among the nearby towns.

The second is the creation of a gel production plant. This will be distributed among the neediest population and the rest will be sold to hospitals and companies so that the sustainability of the project can be achieved.

The implementation of this project has been possible thanks to the contributions of Haan, Botanicae, Soltec, Beter, Active Africa and the solidarity contribution of many people through donations in a solidarity challenge in Migranodearena and Bizum


Sale of Masks to finance the #ReadyforAfrica project

A group of volunteers has made Masks with African fabrics to finance the construction and distribution project of Sanitary Gel from the Benga Mission. These are acquired thanks to a donation. The entire contribution goes to finance the Ready for Africa project.

Apart from these projects, we are awaiting the evolution of the pandemic to make decisions about future actions.

We also believe that we must prioritize supporting projects that are already underway and that need annual help. We will continue paying the numerous scholarships that we are already sponsoring, sponsorships and other similar actions.

It will be a different year, but we will continue alongside our people helping in what is most necessary and urgent



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