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Active Africa was founded in 2004 in response to a humanitarian emergency. From the very beginning, we have evolved together with the people of Malawi. We could say that we have walked hand in hand with its inhabitants.

1) At first, our priority was to cover the most basic needs, feed people, and of course the medicines.  

2) Currently our work is focused on improving education, a true engine of change, through the reconstruction of schools and the founding of new ones. We also have an extensive scholarship project that directly affects academic improvement through support for the best students.


3) We continue to support the health systems of Malawi and Kenya with the construction of infrastructure and provision of medicines and ambulances.

4) Our priority is children and women, the most vulnerable in society. We have several projects to empower women underway, through their training and provision of microcredits to be able to start small businesses.

5) We are aware of the importance of the environment and we have started sustainable agriculture projects and promoted the construction of wells and water supply systems for the population of the impact areas.

We are just one more help. During this long journey, we are learning many things.

It is true that in our beginnings, we did not consider creating any NGO, we only wanted to do what anyone who had the possibility of going to Malawi would have done, that is, to give a hand to the suffering. From that moment, everything flowed spontaneously.  

A future awaits us that we take as a great challenge since now our students are already starting in the world of work.

We will continue to be, but  THE FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS.  

Zikomo kwambiri, Thank you very much, Asante Sana

Teresa Garolera de Prades




To contribute to the socio-economic and sustainable development of the poorest rural populations of Malawi and Kenya, by supporting their education and health systems.


- CIF G-63.520.928.

 Generalitat de Catalunya: Registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 29255 / B.

 Agència Catalana de Cooperació: Registered in the Registry of Non-Governmental Organizations for the Development of Catalonia, with the number 223.

Declared of Public Interest through Resolution JUS/2020 on 10th of January 2020 and published on Diari Oficial de la Generalitat with number 8045 of 20th of January 2020

 Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism: ACTIVE AFRICA registered as a trademark with the number 2.786.802.  Procedure and expenses of inscription donated by Baker & McKenzie, Lawyers.

 Registration of the ACTIVE AFRICA brand in Malawi and Kenya.  Procedure and expenses of inscription donated by Baker & McKenzie, Lawyers.



Zikkomo is a platform created to promote and help some of the multiple projects of the charity Active Africa in Malawi. "Zikkomo" believes in education as a fundamental factor in the development of a country.  This platform is formed by a group of young people from Barcelona with a common interest: to give a chance to the future of Malawian students without resources. The project was born as a response to some of the unfair realities that, when we, as collaborators of Active Africa, witnessed on our first trip to Malawi.  All the members of Zikkomo have traveled through Malawi, collaborating in several areas of the country.  This has allowed us to learn from their culture, their problems and to become infected with their continuous desire to keep moving forward.  With the help of Active Africa we have been able to send volunteers every year in order to keep a personal follow-up of the projects undertaken

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